WEB forms easily integrated in your CRM!


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WEB forms easily integrated in your CRM!

ABOUT hubtiq

Can You…

…build world-wide forms for your prospects and customers within 5 minutes, integrate data smoothly into your CRM system without any programming skills and additionally, ensure high data quality?

hubtiq is a web-based solution, which allows an easy handling of world-wide forms as well as a cost-efficient integration of those forms into CRM systems.

By using drag & drop, it is possible to create responsive forms instantly and intuitively. These forms can be embedded into your existing customer touch points such as your website, microsites or apps.

Thereby, hubtiq is completely compatibel with most widespread CRM systems – especially SAP CRM. It ensures a high data quality and process stability by extensive validation mechanisms.



You develop your customer relationships, we provide the software. 

hubtiq can be considered the core of a CRM-online-integration. As middleware, it allows the central administration and integration of forms.  Thereby, hubtiq was designed especially for forms that are used internationally and need to be updated frequently.

hubtiq contains a lot of pre-defined content to use in your forms. By embedding itself in existing system landscapes, it allows the optimal interaction of your online and CRM system. hubtiq provides functionalities for realising and integrating forms; editing and filing of contents still take place in your content management system. Web services offered by your CRM system are initially integrated, corresponding mappings are reused automatically by adding predefined modules to your forms.

hubtiq allows to create forms easily and quickly: pre-defined modules can be composed by means of “drag & drop” in order to build up forms as desired.


Creating forms via „drag & drop“

hubtiq forms can be embedded into your website, microsites, etc. as well as into apps for iOs, Android, etc. Thereby, generated forms are completely responsive and can be reused in all different touch points.


Responsiveness: hubtiq forms in apps

A comprehensive monitoring & reporting provides new perspectives onto your touch point and its potential: based on an better insights into your touch points, forms can be optimized in order to perfectly fit.


Comprehensive monitoring & reporting

Reusing pre-defined form modules ensures a standardization of touch points: in regards of layout, labels and texts as well as gathered data.


One face to the customer

Connecting CRM systems happens by means of  configuration instead of programming. This lead to a significant decrease of integration costs and allows changes dynamically.


Easy integration into your CRM system

Ad-hoc changes are daily business. hubtiq-forms are generated at runtime so that changes can be made at any time – without expensive deployments, releases, etc.


Changes in real-time

Gathered data needs to be correct and fit to your CRM processes. In order to achieve a high data quality and process stability in your CRM system, hubtiq provides the standardisation of form modules as well as comprehensive validation mechanism.


Focus on data quality

hubtiq simplifies the creation of international campaigns by building up forms world-wide and considering market-specific requirements at the same time.


Easy realisation of international campaigns

There is only one requirement to integrate a new system with hubtiq: a web service is needed. With web services, it is possible to integrate any system into hubtiq.


Compatible with open standards


Simplify customer relationships. Optimize operations. Reduce complexity.

In a few steps to your final form. Get in touch with your customers in no time.


Leadgenerierung für den neuen Audi Q7

Entwicklung eines responsive Registrierungsformulars mittels der Vision11-eigenen Lösung hubtiq und dessen Anbindung an SAP CRM

Wahre Größe kennt keine Grenzen – für die Markteinführung des neuen Audi Q7 sollten im Deutschen Markt Interessentendaten für eine zielgerichtete Q7 E-Mail-Kommunikation generiert und anschließend individuell mithilfe eines dreistufigen online Mailings, gemäß ihrem Interesse, angesprochen werden.

Unterstützung durch Vision11

Mit der Zielsetzung Interessentendaten zur Markteinführungskampagne des neuen Audi Q7 zu gewinnen, unterstützte Vision11 sowohl bei der Konzeption als auch bei der Umsetzung des Projektes.

Zunächst analysierte das Team von Vision11 die marktspezifischen Begebenheiten für ein optimales Leadmanagement unter Berücksichtigung datenschutzrechtlicher Anforderungen.


Anschließend implementierte Vision11 einen mit dem Audi SAP CRM System integrierten Registrierungsprozess, mit dem sich Interessenten über ein online Formular für die Kommunikation zum neuen Audi Q7 registrieren konnten.

Vision11 führte außerdem das Kampagnenmanagement, den Versand der dreistufigen E-Mail-Kampagne aus dem Audi SAP CRM System sowie eine anschließende Analyse durch.


  • Generierung von ca. 2.000 Interessenten innerhalb der ersten Woche
  • Abbruchrate im Registrierungsprozess unter 80 Prozent (ca. 24 Prozent der Formularaufrufe wurden abgesendet)
  • Durchschnittliche Öffnungsrate der drei Online Mailings bei ca. 63 Prozent, durchschnittliche Klickrate bei ca. 34 Prozent


Learn more about hubtiq.

hubtiq allows you to build world-wide forms for your prospects and customers within 5 minutes, integrate captured data smoothly into your CRM system without any programming skills  Additionally, it ensures a high data quality.

Interested? We would be happy to present hubtiq to you.



hubtiq forms:

  • Compatible with all popular browsers
  • Forms are based on HTML5 and downward compatible
  • Fully responsive

hubtiq application:

  • Used technologies: JavaScript, J2EE

Connection to backend systems:

  • Web services based on Soap or REST are a prerequisite to connect to hubtiq
  • Option to export entered data per email

Operation / environement:

  • hubtiq can be installed in your own environment or can be used as hosted service by Vision11 GmbH.


  • Successful IT security test of application and environment (for hosted services) by independent consulting company
  • Import of client-certificates for secure data transfer possible

Supported databases:

  • Oracle XE 10 / Oracle XE 11
  • MySQL 5.5.16
  • Microsoft SQL Express 2012