Online lead generation for launch of new Audi Q7

Implementation of responsive subscription forms with hubtiq – fully integrated with SAP CRM

“Wahre Größe kennt keine Grenzen” – overall target was generating interests for the launch of new Audi Q7 in market Germany as well as allowing a target-specific dialog by means of a multi-level online campaign.


At first, Vision11 team analyzed market-specific situation for optimized lead management considering legal standards of market. Afterwards, Vision11 implemented a registration process integrated with SAP CRM system of Audi allowing the online subscription of prospects to new Audi Q7 communication.

Furthermore, Vision11 realized campaign management incl. execution of multi-level E-mail campaign from Audi SAP CRM system as well as subsequent reporting.



  • 2.000 interests were generated within first week
  • The dropout rate of registration process was lower than 80 percent (roundabout 24 percent of opened forms were successfully finished)
  • The average opening rate of three online mailings was at ca. 63 percent, the average click rate was at ca 34 percent.